Get The Picture?

I have decided to be a “Big Picture” kinda person. I have always been able to look at the bigger picture but loved the details. I eventually learned to stop forcing my will or my way on the world at large. I understand that there is not another person on earth, that must do what I want them to do or feel how I expect them to feel. It took a while to truly surrender to that truth.  Once I did, it was pure relief. I am only in charge of me.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I also felt personally responsible to send healing to every living Being, in need. I brought a vigilant awareness of the vibrations surrounding every person, animal or vegetable in my path. Then, I surrendered to the idea that I AM Reiki. I AM healing. No real effort is required once you fully integrate this healing energy into your BEing. All I have to do, is be me.

I have spent so much time trying to energetically, undo everything negative happening in US politics. I would read or hear about the hateful antics of this Administration and do a mediation for clearing, healing, balancing for our planet. The problem was that I had to be aware of each incident or insult to try to counter balance it. It was so depressing. I often wondered how Obama handled watching all his good work being undone. He is really staying quiet about this personal assault. Then I read a story about him that said that he doesn’t get involved in the day to day issues that he cannot control. He focuses on what he can create in the future. He is a big picture kinda guy.

I recently watched a video by Anita Moorjani. I am always interested in her Spiritual perspective. In her teaching, she suggests that when we “work” on individual relationships, we are lowering our vibrations, just by focusing on the problem. She proposes that you cannot find the higher vibrational solutions, because you are already starting with the idea that there is something WRONG that needs to be FIXED. She suggests that you just BEcome love. That you always just bring your loving self, everywhere you go. Let that be your legacy.  She focuses on holding the vibration of love for all. Very big picture.

So, I frequently ask myself 2 questions. What’s mine to do? How can I be more loving in this situation? When you are  a big picture person, there is no need to ask those questions. You intend to bring your best self where ever you go.  Some days will be easier than others.  Don’t judge yourself when it is a challenge. I am consciously creating a life that is simple, fun and easy. Everything I bring into my space must meet that criteria. That is why big picture philosophy works for me.



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