In The Leavin’

I have been thinking about the time in 2015, when I had decided to leave NY and move to SoCal.

It was a big project, with a lot of moving parts. I had to get organized (which I love)

I made a list of what had to happen to get me to my goal.

Then, I had a sub-list of what I had to do each day. I made sure it was manageable and smart. ( I do love a good list)

I had to give everything single thing I own, a hard look. I had to decide if I wanted to ship, donate or gift it.

I only brought what I loved, what was meaningful and or functional. Then, I was very thoughtful about what do with the rest.

Once the plane ticket was secured, I made my rounds to my clients, friends and family. We had a couple of big parties. It was so important to give gratitude and love to everyone that has been part of my story.

I took a deep breath, got on the plane and embraced this new chapter.

I love living in SoCal.

However, the life lessons that I learned when leaving my hometown, suits me here too.

I am creating a life that is simple, fun and easy.

I have let go of everything that weighed me down. I did not pick them up again, I love living with only what I need or love. No clutter, great Feng Shui.

I am organized in an easy way. It keeps the drama to a minimum.

I stay in touch with friends and family and let them know how I feel.

I take a big breath then take chances and trust it will work out.

My friend Rick Smith wrote a song called “In the Leavin’”.

My goal is to wake every day and act as though I am in the leavin’



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