Did you know that when you have an item that belonged to someone else, it retains their energy? That is wonderful news if you have something that belonged to some one that you love and admire.

However, more people are purchasing items from Craig’s List or estate sales and have no idea what type of energy is embedded in that piece.

You do not know how it will affect you, until it is already in your possession. I am not implying that the person you purchased the item from is bad but the circumstances around the piece might be negative. If the item is being sold because the person lost their job, is sick or divorcing it will hold that energy.

If you are buying an estate piece or secondhand item to give as a gift, you should always have it energetically cleared.

Have you recently renovated? Each time that you demolished a wall, cupboard etc. you released the energy it has absorbed since being first installed. As you replace and redesign the space, you bring to it all of those people who worked to create the item, miners, wood workers, shippers, storage yards, masons, artists, sales person etc.

I will Clear the Energy that is unwanted and increase its positive qualities. This creates the opportunity to make it your own!

I will Bless & Balance the item or space to bring in the energy of our Creator. This will also raise the vibration to be of the utmost comfort for all.

I will Write a Unique Blessing, just for you, when you have any life transition or home blessing.

Some items to Clear and Bless: homes – cars – businesses – jewelry – crystals – anything second hand, especially if it will be used for babies and children. Children are more able to feel the energy than most adults.



Many people who are not guided to traditional baptism, often desire to have blessings and prayers offered up for their newborns and even older children, to demonstrate the protection and love and guidance that God and the Angels provide to all of us.


I am not ordained into a specific religion. I can help you honor your loved one with a brief prayer service at a funeral home, blessings given at a Memorial gathering,  a cemetery , a small gathering with just family members or at the internment of ashes.

I can be reached by phone at 716-510-0297 or email at

updated 06-2015

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