Spiritual Counseling acknowledges that you are a Spiritual Being. It helps you look at everyday concerns and challenges from a Higher Perspective. This is not religious counseling.

Individual Intuitive Spiritual Counseling
Allow me to bring my decades of studying metaphysical topics and universal laws to your specific issues. A session may include intuitive, psychic messages and energy healings.
It will be held in a space that I have energetically cleared and vibrationally raised. In this expanded dimensional space you will be able to approach your issues from a higher perspective.

 Psychic Messages

The messages that you will receive, will always be positive and unique to your situation or circumstance. Your Spiritual Team is composed of your Guardian Angel, Soul Family, Loved Ones and Master Teachers in spirit. They can see the opportunities and potentials that you have on your current path. They know what goals you have charted prior to this reincarnation. Once you give your permission for them to come to you, they will bring messages of love and support . They are thrilled to be able to connect with you this way!

It is important to remember that earth is a free will planet and you can accept the advice you are given or not. It is entirely up to you. They may show you the path of your greatest potential at this time, but all decisions about the choices you make, are always left to you. Psychic services are energetic. This means they are not limited by space or distance. My friends in NY can still have sessions with me over the phone. As several of you are finding out!

Family or Friend Group Sessions

The nature of relationships is to ebb and flow. Over the course of our friendships, we have different experiences. We experiment with unusual ideas, meet new people, maybe move to different geographical areas. The good news is that we are supposed to learn and grow!

We are not always going to be on the same page at the same time, with our friends and family. You may think your friend has really abandoned you because they don’t call as often, as they once did. These can be relationship growing pains. We can choose to be open to the changes or be threatened by them. It is always a choice. Please don’t allow your loving relationships to suffer and stagnate.

It is helpful to have a neutral party who is not invested in the outcome, other than perhaps leading you to deeper insights, new solutions and greater awareness.

If this option resonates with you, we can set up a convenient time and place to meet.

Contact me for details: Diane O’Neill – – 716-510-0297

updated 06-2015

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