End Of Life Care

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I offer End of Life Spiritual counseling to people of all ages.

Making the transition from this physical existence back Home to our natural, spiritual selves, should not be full of fear.

This can be a loving and positive experience.

I do not focus on my personal philosophy but will help you to find peace within your belief system.

There are many channelings that explain the end of the physical life process. What happens to us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I will offer counseling to reduce fear of both the family and the person in transition.

Frequently, when a loved one is hospitalized, it’s easy to forget that they are not the monitoring machines to which they are attached. Family and friends focus on the mechanical blips and beeps to tell them how the patient is doing.

I will show you a better way. How to stay heart connected with the essence of the person. My psychic abilities allow us to get messages and know the peace of the process.

Often times, visitors unknowingly fill a room full of fear, guilt, loss and sadness. When you leave the space, the energy remains. The person in transition stays stuck in that energy.

Using Reiki, I can clear the energy and align it to support balance and love. I will meet you and your family in your home, hospital etc.

Hospice provides wonderful services but they cannot speak to the personal spiritual journey. It is not allowed by the insurance companies they accept payment from.

I do not accept insurance reimbursement and am free to support all of those involved in this emotional time to find the blessings in our gifts of life and life after life.


For more information contact me by email at DONeill29@gmail.com or by phone 716-510-0297

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