Everything I do – classes, readings, healings, channelings, groups, counseling – is in collaboration with my Spiritual Team. I am in direct communication with the ‘other side’ and that communication guides and directs my service.


stone pile

Inspirational Discussion Circle-60 minutes to satisfy your soul.

Previously, this group was held monthly in N.Y. As  the facilitator, I will create and maintain a higher vibrational space to access information and healing energies.

If there is an interest in a discussion group, in Orange County, C.A. I would love to start one up again!

Some topics for discussion could include: Our life plans and contracts – Our karmic history and responsibilities – Spiritual laws such as the law of attraction – Working with energy- and other topics of interest or subjects guided by our Spiritual Teams.


I offer a wide range of Self-Help and Metaphysical Classes. I structure these classes around topics that you and your friends are interested in. The classes are designed to be fun and interactive. They can be held at a location of your choice. I am willing to speak on a topic of your choice, or I have a list of classes to choose from.
A brief sample of classes includes:

Your Spiritual Origins, Soul Family & Guides
Accessing your Intuition for your highest good.
Reiki Certification Training, including instruction & attunements.
Meditation, the most powerful tool you will ever have.
Conscious Creation.
Working with Energy including Crystals and Pendulums.
How to Lovingly and Effectively say No.
How to be Successful.
The History of this World.
Working with your Energy Body.

Contact me for details:  or call : 716-510-0297
Gift Certificates are available.

updated 6-2015

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